Raised in Lena, Ohio -- Moved to Florida in 1986

Always thought I would like to play the guitar - but never followed through.  My wife bought a guitar for me over 25 years ago that ended up in the closet until about 4 years ago. My interest was renewed after a friend began Dulcimer lessons at UCC and suggested my taking guitar lessons there.

I have since played with the Friendly Dulcimer group, but most of my music experience is singing in choirs or listening to the radio.

Pickers Ken, Lou and John H. had told me of this group a couple of years ago, but I was hesitant to get involved.   A big mistake.  What great fun it has been to get together with the Front Porch Pickers -- and to be so readily accepted. Wow!

I enjoy playing golf, watching football and have dabbed in photography.