I spent the first 14 years of my life in Northwest Alabama where I was born (Winfield).  When we were small, our dad would sing to us; he would sing Little Brown Jug, Barbara Allen, Get along Home Cindy, and Letter Edged in Black.  We always listened to country music on the radio, especially the Grand Old Opry on Saturday nights.  My dad liked Ernest Tubb, Lonzo & Oscar, and Minnie Pearl.  Later on we enjoyed listening to Hank Williams and Little Jimmy Dickens.  A couple of my cousins sang on a local radio station in Haleyville, Alabama (I believe it was WJBB).  They taught me two or three chords and that is when I got hooked on playing the guitar. Seems like I have been learning songs all my life, except for the times when my guitar was stored up in the closet.

Later we moved to Sikeston, Missouri; I lived there when I bought my first guitar.  Then I married, moved to Granite City Illinois, started a family, and sort of drifted away from it for a while.  Then I moved to Tampa in 1977, purchased a new guitar in the eighties (the other one had fallen by the wayside) and learned to play better and also learned a lot of songs at that time.  We had a church group that met at peopleís homes and played country music and sang.

I moved from Tampa to Hendersonville, Tennessee for nine years, and then to Sun City Center in 1999.  I decided a few months ago to get my guitar out again.  I donít know why I waited so long to join the Front Porch Pickers.  I am enjoying it very much.