I was born in southeast Ohio, near Athens, and raised in northeast Ohio, north of Ravenna.  After four years in the Air Force I moved to California and worked thirty years for United Airlines as an Aviation Maintenance Technician at the San Francisco International Airport.

I always wanted to play guitar but, other than some lessons in early adulthood, never found the time to really learn.  After a few years of retirement in SCC I decided to buy a guitar and sign up for lessons given through the Community Church College.  After our instructor became too ill to continue teaching, some of the other students, who were familiar with the Pickers, suggested I give them a try. I have enjoyed the experience very much and look forward to the weekly practices and group playdates.  I appreciate the camraderie and value the new friendships I've made. Though I'll never play well, my tongue in cheek goal is to be First Chair in the third row.