At about 12 years of age, I started lessons on the Hawaiian guitar. Never learned to read music and wound up playing by ear. Actually played in the Jr. high school band and the band leader did not know I did'nt read music.

I got hooked on country music after seeing Roy Acuff. I was playing an electric steel guitar at that time using E- open tuning, which is Hawaiian tuning and only played melody. Played on and off (alone) for a long time then just stopped. In 1989, I bought my Dobro. Tuned it Hawiian and played it for a short while and stopped again.

In 2006, I found a bluegrass teacher and took lessons on the Dobro tuned in G-open tuning. I took lessons for about a year and a half, learned to play back up, and joined the Front Porch Pickers.